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Android Ghost Spy Phone Software



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This Android Ghost is the very latest in spy phone software that enables remote monitoring all activity on the Android phone onto which it has been installed. Every call in and out of the target phone will be recorded and you can listen to those calls by logging onto our dedicated website. It system is ideal for monitoring your children, ensuring that they are safe and for keeping tabs on employees who may be using the company phone for illegal activity. Once installed onto the Android phone (version 2.3 or later) that you wish to monitor then the phone’s activity can easily be monitored on the Internet through an account that you set up specifically for the purpose. The monitored phone secretly sends out information without the user of that phone being made aware, to the monitoring platform. Information is sent as data, so the monitored phone SIM will need to be set up for Internet / data transfer usage. The astounding array of features includes SMS history, call history, GPS locations and Internet browser history. There are amazing features such as automatic call recording and the option to recod the environment around the phone. On top of this you can download all files on the phone including images/audio/video stored, installed applications, contacts, etc. This powerful solution really keeps you informed and up-to-date and all features can even be turned on and off as required A purchase of this software will provide the facility to monitor one Android phone and the software license is not transferable to another Android handset. Installation is simply a matter of downloading software onto the Android device through the Internet browser. Once set up on the the phone, afterwards an account to remotely monitor the phone will need to be set up on the monitoring website (we will send you a login password). Full instructions and details are provided and setting up on the phone takes less than five minutes. The system has been designed to be easy to set up and use even for those who are technically challenged. A software license has an unlimited usage period. The software is compatible on all generations of Android phones, version 2.3 (Gingerbread) or later. Features: •Software compatible with all latest Android handsets •View text messages sent and received •Monitor call history (calls made/received) •Track the location of the phone remotely using GPS •View Internet browser history •Record audio from phone surroundings when not on a call (spy phone) •Audio record calls made / received on phone •View files held on the phone including images,videos, audio files and documents •View contacts listing on the phone •View Installed applications, device information including battery level •Turn on and off the features as required remotely Please Note: The phone being monitored does need to be data enabled and must have credit on the inserted SIM for the information to be fed out. This software is only for Android handsets. Email address for setting up the monitoring account must be entered when ordering