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Body Worn Video Recorder.



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This is the ultimate in body worn covert surveillance. This is a total package. You get the mp4 recorder/player that has the ability to power the camera and keep everything tidy and compact. It has Standard USB2.0 interface, with built-in SD/MMC card slot, and 512M of flash memory. With a 256 SD card it will record for 85 minutes, but you can increase the recording time by using a bigger SD card. The size of the mp4 is only 90 x 60 x 17.5mm making it easy to conceal in a pocket etc. The camera is 1.5 lux 480 line CCD chipped. The whole package comes with a user manual, earphones, USB lead, AV cable, connector, CD, and charger Special features include: quick installation and ease of retrieval of recorded Video and audio. The size of this system makes ease of use and excellent concealment.