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Camera/ Recorder Wireless Mouse



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This unit is a unique video recorder cleverly disguised as an everyday wireless mouse. Once activated, the wireless mouse will power itself via a rechargeable battery for up to 9 days. If used with the supplied cable, it can power from USB indefinitely and then looks like any other wired mouse.

Using the same 5 mega pixel sensor as the approved RC200 key fob, the  Wireless Mouse will capture crisp, clear 720p HD video combined with excellent audio capture. As the video also supports full day/day/date time stamping, this camera will provide Law Enforcement grade video and audio. Using the controls hidden in the rear of the recorder, you can select between video or photo mode and once set-up, you can walk away and leave it for days.

The recorder is fitted with a PIR sensor (passive infrared sensor). This allows the recorder to trigger should any heat signature pass in front of the sensor. This is particularly effective as PIR detection operates with much lower power consumption and therefore increases the battery time in standby mode.

The mouse does not operate .