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Digital Clock Camera/Recorder



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The latest addition to our covert camera range. This excellent stylish and attractive table top mirror clock is also a covert security camera, giving a wide angle view of 120 degrees and high resolution video recording of 1280x960 at 30FPS. There is a remote control included that allows you to remotely start or stop video recording so there is no need to touch the unit. The unit has a high capacity internal battery and taking up to a 32GB Micro SD Card it can record continuously for hours or motion detect record over many days. No more ugly electronic buzzing noises - Wake up naturally with ambient sound effects built in! Alarm sounds include chirping birds, crickets and other sounds of nature to wake you gently & peacefully! With motion activated recording you can capture only the images that matter and not hours of nothingness! No more searching through hours of video for the 30 seconds that actually counts. Key features: Latest ultra-long, ultra-wide-angle, multi-functional table clock mirror 5.0M pixel CMOS image sensor 1280 x 960 @ 30fps video resolution 140 degree wide angle lens Supports video recording, photos Support separate voice recording Supports remote control Support motion detection 24 hours continuous recording Supports micro SD cards up to 32GB High capacity replaceable lithium batteries, for ultra-long video recording