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Desktop Phone Charger Camera (iDock)



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A Desktop phone charger will fit into many different environments without attracting attention  making it ideal as a covert camera . This product has a super-wide angle lens ensuring that a larger area is covered within view and it is able to record video with audio in Ultra High Definition, taking power from the mains so there are no battery issues. Having said this, the unit also has an internal battery that will keep it powered for up to three hours if unplugged. The  video footage is of very high quality so there can be no mistake what has happened on camera.
Probably one of the best features of this superb camera is motion activation which ensures that video recordings are only made when the camera detects movement within its field of view. This ‘dummy’ desktop charger uses ‘through the lens’ monitoring technology to achieve this and also records time and date on the footage, something that is always vital for evidential gathering purposes.