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 The superb unit is a self-contained recording system that is simple to use and can be deployed in a matter of seconds.

Using an ultra-small 2 mega pixel lens, this recorder will capture incredibly crisp and clear 720p HD video. As with all of our systems, both the video and audio capture is Law Enforcement Grade and is also watermarked with the time, day and date for evidence.

The LawMate WS10 recorder is also fitted with a PIR sensor (passive infrared sensor). This allows the recorder to trigger should any heat signature pass in front of the sensor. This is particularly effective as PIR detection operates with much lower power consumption and therefore increases the battery time in standby mode. This sensor works for both still photo and video recording modes.

The built-in rechargeable battery will allow this recording system to stand-by for up to 5 days and will provide continuous recording for up to 5 hours. Supplied with the recorder is a free 4gb Micro SD card and this system will accept up to a 16gb Micro SD card.

Video files are capture in a standard .AVI video file format and the still images are generic Jpeg photos. Regardless of your computer operating system, the recorder makes an ideal covert video recording solution for any environment.