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Mains Charger Camera With DVR



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Even to the naked eye this looks like a completely authentic and innocent looking UK Style Mains Charger Plug, however, this is no ordinary Mains Power Plug. This very cleverly designed and engineered spy camera unit will stand up to even the closest inspection. There really is nothing that will give away the fact that its true purpose is a high quality hidden camera complete with built-in digital video recording system. The unit would not look out of place in any home or office. It has been designed not only to look completely authentic, but also, as a self-contained spy camera recording system, to be so simple that it could if required, be used straight out of the box. One superb aspect is that it will draw power from the mains supply and as such it is not restricted in the length of time that it can be deployed because there is no need to keep an internal battery charged. The unit incorporates a high quality camera and SD Card recording system that will accept up to a 32GB card. The unit is supplied with a dedicated remote controller that allows access to built-in menu systems. This allows you to access integrated features such as motion detection or audio detection, although video recording on-demand can be achieved at the touch of a button on the remote controller. Motion detection recording ensures that the unit will start to record video and audio when there is movement within the view of the camera and audio detection means that video/audio recording will start in response to sound being detected by the device. Time and date stamping on the video footage is standard, which ensures that any recording can be used officially for evidential purposes if required. The recording system can be set to stop recording when the inserted SD card has been filled or set to overwrite with fresh recordings if required. Playback of footage can be achieved by connecting the unit to a TV or a PC using the supplied connection cables.