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USB Charger Camera



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Not to be confused with cheap Chinese imports this standard USB type charger is just like one that can be found in many homes and business premises. The difference with this excellent device is that it contains a covert motion activated HD hidden pinhole CCD spy camera fitted to the front fascia. Once the user plugs it into the mains this USB charger will automatically start recording full colour HD video footage to an internal Micro SD card. There is no charging needed as it draws its power straight from the mains supply it is pugged into. The recordings are also time and date stamped. There are no switches to set and no visible lights or noise on this superb discreet camera. Ready to use straight out of the box it will record and store hours of full colour video footage with time and date upon motion detection. The recordings are stored in two (2) minute files until the Micro SD card is full. Depending on the capacity of the memory card and it could take many weeks or months before the SD card is full. Just plug it into a mains supply socket so that the front if the unit is facing in the direction you wish to film. When the camera detects any movement via its wide angle lens a recording will be triggered and stored onto the memory card. The use of motion detection means only relevant video footage is recorded therefore saving memory card storage space. The video footage can then be played back on Windows Media Player VLC Player, or Quicktime player etc. Recording is approximately 23 minutes per GB of memory. 0.1 lux low light lens and 90 degree filed of view.