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Security Surveillance Systems are in more demand than ever these days and understandably so.  With an overall rise in crime in the United Kingdom, more and more business owners, home owners, commercial warehouses and restaurants are utilising the effective theft deterrent and surveillance camera systems that are readily available and becoming ever more capable.

Video surveillance systems are now capable of being monitored, controlled and accessed in real time from virtually anywhere in the world.   You can view live or recorded footage from the palm of your hands making it that much easier to manage and monitor your family,  business,  goods,  home and much more.

Here at Manchester Surveillance we offer the latest video and security systems, which are ideal for any home or industry. With a long and prestigious history of offering high quality products, exceptional customer service and custom professional surveillance installation.   Never again live with the doubt or the feeling of not knowing. Conveniently oversee your business, warehouse, restaurant or residence from anywhere in the world where a broadband connection is available via your smartphone.

Manchester Surveillance  has an impressive array of local and national clients which we have provided surveillance camera system installation solutions for.   

We specialise in Custom Video Surveillance solutions for your Home, Business, Restaurant, Warehouse, Boat, Boat Dock, School, Government Building, Casinos and any other place or application you can think of.

Located in Prestwich , North Manchester we are your local professional experts for everything in the CCTV industry. 

We offer professional CCTV installation for your home, business, warehouse, community, building, and everything in between.  All of our Video Surveillance Systems are fully customisable for your needs and are also scalable so that they do not become obsolete.  

We do not offer nor utilise Cheap/Inexpensive video surveillance systems & CCTV camera systems as they simply do not have the capability, do not provide good footage and alot of the times malfunction and break down.

We pride ourselves in quality rather than quantity and only utilise the latest and best in video surveillance equipment with the latest Hd low light  4 camera system, fully installed for £1300.00. Call us on 0161 798 5510 to book or discuss your CCTV needs.