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Porn Detection Stick



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This Superb unit is a thumb drive device that will search through all the images on your computer, scan them for pornographic content, and create a report of suspected pornographic images. It even scans deleted images and Internet cache files so there's no hiding Internet activity. This means even if Internet Explorer cache files are deleted, many images can still be recovered and scanned for pornography. Best of all, no software is installed on the target machine so they don't know you've performed a search. You can even securely delete objectionable images. Protect your computer from unwanted pornography. Someone doesn't have to be seeking out pornographic images to contaminate your computer. In fact, many porn sites contain harmful viruses that can do more damage. The Porn Detection Stick offers you peace of mind that your system is clean of unwanted illicit or even illegal images. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who Needs a Porn Detection Stick? Parents The average age a child is exposed to pornography online is 11 years old. They may not be actively searching for it but chances are they've run across it and pornography is residing on your computer right now. Employers Besides wasted time and resources, pornographic content on your company computers exposes you to legal risks as well as disgruntled employees. Schools & Churches Despite Internet filters, pornographic content can easily contaminate your organization's computers. Whether copied from flash drives or other media, downloaded from e-mail, or simply missed by your filter, unwanted illicit images should be found and eradicated. Probation & Law Enforement As someone involved in law enforcement, you know how long it can be for digital evidence to get processed by computer forensic labs. The Porn Detection Stick is the perfect solution for quick analysis to determine if pornographic images are present on a computer without training and without involving forensic examiners. Product Features Portable Because the porn detection software is embedded in a USB thumb drive, you can easily take it anywhere and use it on any computer you own. Fast A search of a 500 GB hard drive with over 70,000 images takes only about an hour and a half. Imagine how much time it would take you to manually find and search that many images. Accurate The Porn Detection Stick uses advanced image analyzing algorithms that categorize images as potentially harmful by identifying facial features, flesh tone colors, image back grounds, body part shapes, and more. With less than 1% false positive indications, your search for contamination on your computer won't waste your time. Deleted Data & Internet Activity Scans Looking in places you wouldn't be able to makes the Porn Detection Stick very thorough. Even if images are deleted or Internet history is cleared, you can still recover and scan deleted images and Internet activity making your scans much more effective than manual searches for pornography. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Features Recovers & Scans Deleted Images Searches Through Internet Explorer & Firefox Cache Files Runs From the Stick - Nothing Remains on the Target Machine Securely Delete Any Unwanted Images "Blur" Option Protects You From Seeing Unwanted Images Scans Archives (ZIP, RAR, etc.) Supports Over 15 Image Types Identifies Images by File Headers, Not File Extensions You Control the Search Sensitivity Searches Thumb Drives and Other Portable Media