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Smoke Alarm 3g Camera



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This is our latest model 3G camera with an adjustable angle lens making it ideal for installation in small rooms where a normal smoke detector camera may not see the target area properly and will allow you to watch and listen from your cell phone anytime anywhere. All you do is call the number of the sim inside the camera and your connected and you will be able to see and hear everything in real time. You can also remotely zoom in/out and adjust the volume. This camera also has a slot for micro SD cards so you can remotely record onto using your mobile phone. For security the camera has PIN code so only you can access anytime, anywhere. To operate this camera you will need a 3G/ enabled phone and a 3G sim in the phone and you will need to be in 3G area coverage. This camera works from the mains power supply for long term continuous use and also has built in internal back up rechargeable battery in case of power cut. Integrated microphone volume adjustable by cell phone control Motion activated recording with motion sensitivity Micro lens with about 15 degree adjustable angle Can set remote video record on micro SD card/T-Flash with timed record start and stop Camera can take a picture and send you by SMS (works only in some countries) Signal indicator Camera volume adjustment Camera zoom in and out by cell phone control SIM/USIM slot S/D card/T-Flash card slot max 8G and uses 1M per minute so 1G will give approx 16 hours, 2G 32 hours, 4G 64 hours, 8G 128 hours Product specification for 3G camera Dimensions: 135x50mm Camera: 0.3 mega-pixel Lens: Micro pinhole adjustable angle Back up battery standby time: approx 40 hours Back up battery run time when recording on SD card: about 6 hours Back up battery run time: 5 hours if signal is good or about 2 hours if poor signal Battery charge time: 4 hours Power supply 240v with integrated Li-on rechargeable battery Network used: 3G/ Use it in Just 1-2-3 1. Insert your 3G SIM card and replace the battery 2. Attach the charger if required 3. Make a video call to camera unit from your mobile Applications • House/Office/shop monitoring • Holidays homes/Empty buildings