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Handheld wireless camera receiver/recorder



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This system is the latest handheld receiver recorder .You can use it as a receiver just to view and hear from any of our wirless cameras or you can record within the same unit. This makes things compact and simple as you don’t need a seperate recording media with all the leads. The other major plus is that it has a built in time and date for video and also has AV IN and AV OUT sockets so you can even record from a wired camera through AV IN and if you wish to view on a TV screen, then use the AV OUT. You can also upload or down load any recording to a PC by using the USB lead. The whole package consists of 4-channel recordable wireless monitor, Mains adaptor for receiver, AV lead, Earphones, USB lead, OTG lead. Gives around 2 hours recording on 1GB card. THE KEY FEATURES 1. 2.4GHz 4-channel recordable wireless monitor. 2. AVI format MPEG-4 wireless Video recorder. 3. MP3, MP4 player, picture browse supportable. 4.Can be used with all our range of wireless cameras. 5. Cabled video recording and TV recording function supportable. 6. 882*228 high-definition 2.5inch TFT LCD display screen. 7. Inbuilt with 64MB memory block, MMC, SD card, U disc, mobile HD memory, reading and writing supportable. 8. OTG and 2.0 high-speed USB interface supportable. 9. Support the connection with the monitor/TV so as to play and record programs. 10. Inbuilt with high-capacity lithium battery, 5h continuous playtime. 11. Inbuilt time and date that is recorded on video in real time.. 12. Small slim 4-channel recordable wireless monitor size only 120x70x24mm. 13. Built in small speaker.