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Mains Power Supply Camera Recorder



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This superb covert device looks like nothing more than a ordinary mains power supply, but it in fact it has a miniature high quality ccd video and audio recorder internally built into it looking through a tiny hole with a wide angled lens making it virtually impossible to see with the naked eye. This excellent unit also uses the mains power as a direct power supply removing any need for batteries. This device is supplied with a 4GB Micro SD memory card giving a total of over 8 hours video footage, although it can take up to a 32GB SD Memory card giving a much longer recording time. This unit has a detachable DC power cable. There is a hidden door on the reverse of the plug where the SD card is, behind the same door, you can remove the DC power cable and replace it with a USB cable to easily transfer any data from the device to a PC, or alternatively, the supplied A/V cable can be used and plugged into a monitor/TV to view the image. The A/V cable has a IR remote receiver so you can use the remote to control the unit and choose your settings, e.g. Motion Activation etc. This unit is supplied with a UK mains adapter