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Our hi res Wireless Spy Cam is the ultimate in undetected do-it-yourself observation. A revolution in miniaturization a ultra mini camera with a built in video and audio 2.4Ghz transmitter, the whole unit only measures 17mm x 34 mm smaller than the average thumbnail, this miniature colour video camera is revolutionary in size and it is completely wireless! Simply place the camera in a discreet position and plug the receiver into any TV, VCR or Security monitor in another room. Providing clear colour, quality images and audio, the Wireless Spy Cam is ideal for keeping an eye on staff, confirming suspicions about neighbors, monitoring your nanny, driveway and front door. Power for the camera is supplied by a standard 9 volt battery or power pack. comes complete with .2.4 GHz receiver that simply plugs into your TV or video with the supplied AV leads 2.4 GHz Mini. Transmitter W/Colour Camera RF output power: CE & BZT compliant Operating power: 4.8-7.2V Power consumption: 100mA Size l7 x 34 mm Antenna: Omni-directional antenna Transmitting range 100 M (Line-Of-Sight) Weight: 11 grams Colour Camera Specs 1) Pixels: 365K (PAL), 250K (NTSC) 2) Resolution: Horizontal 480 TV Lines 3) Auto Electronic Exposure: 1/60 —1/2000 sec. 4) Automatic Exposure/Gain/White balance. 5) Mini. Illumination: <3 Lux f 1.2 6) Pin Hole Lens: 5.6mm! field angle: 60 degrees Note Best results are achieved where there is clear “line of sight” between the mini camera transmitter and the receiver. Try to avoid obstacles such as trees, walls, cars, trucks and buildings. Transmitting over water and in the rain will reduce performance. Interference from certain electronic equipment or the moving human body can also effect the range obtainable. For best reception position the antennas of the transmitter and receiver 4.5 to 6 feet (1.5 to 2m) above the ground. Please test all devices before final installation because the transmission quality can often be improved by moving the components slightly. Turn off the transmitter and receiver if the system is not in use. Do not touch the antennas when the system is switched on. Do not place the receiver behind a monitor. INSTALLATION 1) The Mini camera TX features omni-directional antenna which is most effective when used in the UPRIGHT position. 2) Connect both the mini, camera transmitter and receiver to their respective power supplies. 3) Connect the receiver to the equipment you wish to transmit to [monitor, TV, VCR etc. 4) After connecting both the mini camera TX and the RX to their respective power supplies, obtain the best picture by adjusting the position of the mini camera TX and the receiver unit to suit. Try slightly different locations of either unit for optimum results. (The integrated antenna inside the case of the receiver is located at opposite side of the connectors