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Wireless Clock Camera



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Wireless Clock Camera A plain wall clock with integral wireless pinhole lens camera, fitted with a colour camera and transmitter which transmits both audio and video to the supplied receiver. The receiver can be placed up to 100 metres away line of sight from the camera and simply plugs into your VCR or TV via the SCART or PHONO Plugs. Power for the camera is supplied by a standard 9 volt battery or power pack. As no wires are required between camera and receiver this device lends it self to many use in a variety of situations 2.4 GHz Mini. Transmitter W/Colour Camera RF output power: CE & BZT compliant Operating power: 4.8-7.2V Power consumption: 100mA Antenna: Omni-directional antenna Transmitting range 100 M (Line-Of-Sight) Weight: 11 grams Colour Camera Specs 1) Pixels: 365K (PAL), 250K (NTSC) 2) Resolution: Horizontal 420 TV Lines 3) Auto Electronic Exposure: 1/60 —1/2000 sec. 4) Automatic Exposure/Gain/White balance. 5) Mini. Illumination: <3 Lux f 1.2 6) Pin Hole Lens: 5.6mm! field angle: 60 degrees