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Deleted Text Reader



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This package contains a special forensic software, along with a USB SIM reader. This reader accepts small-sized SIM cards, making it very convenient for use with most mobile phone SIM cards. If there are messages in the SIM that can be forensically recovered, this software is guaranteed to retrieve them. As well as providing all of the benefits of a standard SIM manager software, this easy-to-use package can display SMS text messages that have been stored on the SIM but marked as deleted by a mobile phone. It also provides a permanent wipe function for SMS text messages, ensuring that they cannot be recovered in this manner at a later date. This complete solution runs best on Windows 2000, XP or Vista, and the SIM card reader comes with WHQL-approved PC/SC drivers, and so can be used for other applications also. Works with GSM SIM cards from any network and includes free software upgrades. A pay-as-you-go SIM will usually display 10-20 texts, a contract SIM will usually display 20-40 texts per read. The texts displayed are the last texts saved to the SIM, whether deleted or not. Success varies depending on the phone type that the SIM was used in and the way in which the phone user manages their texts. Best results are obtained from SIMs where texts are regularly deleted. This is because the SIM fills with texts first, and any further texts are stored in the phone. Please note that if a PIN number is set on the SIM, you will need to know the PIN number Due to the extensive range of mobile handsets in the market, and the way that they manage text messages, we cannot guarantee that this product will recover the deleted data that you want from your SIM. For example, some newer phones perform their own permanent 'wipe' of deleted messages and these will not be recoverable - unfortunately there is no way of knowing this in advance. However, having tested PhoneFile PRO against many competitive products, we can guarantee that if PhoneFile PRO can't do it, then no other SIM Recovery product can.