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In Car 2 Camera system



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Does your car keep getting vandalised? Do you need to record activity occurring on premises or assets from within your car? If so our 2 camera vehicle mounted recording system is the perfect solution for you. Comprising of 2 ultra low light HD pinhole cameras and a 2 channel video recorder this plug and play system is both extremely effective and simple. The whole system is powered from a single 12 volt power source in the car which can be derived from a 12 volt cigarette lighter socket or connected directly to the 12 volt supply, or an external 12 volt battery (not supplied). For extra ease and versatility when setting the cameras into position and selecting the options from the on screen display, you can additionally purchase the Hand Held CCTV monitor from the drop down menu. This 2-camera system will allow you to have both cameras either motion detecting or manual recording. You can either have one camera recording video when detecting motion and the other taking a snapshot every second there is movement, or to get as much time on the memory card as possible you can have both cameras taking a snapshot once every second when there is movement This unit will support up to a 32 GB SD card which you can purchase from the drop down menu. Using a 32GB card will give you approximately: Hi-Quality – 320,000 Still Images (30 hours if video recording) This will give you around 3-4 days of CONTINUOUS movement on one camera, taking a photo every second of each day! When motion activated this could equate to weeks rather than days depending on activity in the cameras view. Lo-Quality – 640,000 Still Images (60 hours if video recording) This will give you around 7-8 days of CONTINUOUS movement on one camera, taking a photo every second of each day! Bearing in mind that the majority of the time there will be no movement, with minimal false triggers, this device could last you months on one cycle of the SD card! In addition to that, you can set the DVR to over write when the card is full, this will delete the oldest images keeping the most recent ones, ideal if you are leaving it set up as a permanent security system. You can also set the unit to only take a photo up to every 10 seconds there is movement, significantly increasing the recording time even more! This unit will also let you playback from the unit itself (if used with a monitor). Alternatively you can view them through a PC connected via a USB cable, or you can remove the SD card and insert it into a computers card reader. 2 x night vision cameras included For high performance in low light conditions we are including 2 of our new ultra low light pinhole camera modules. These modules are fitted with a flat pinhole 3.7mm board lens. The advanced electronics allow the cameras to retain a colour picture even in very low light conditions (down to 0.00019 lux). That is practically unheard of and at such low light levels most cameras would not see a thing. It now makes it possible for a covert camera to be used with no external light source. Other lense options are available for different uses and magnification levels. The cameras can easily be concealed in items placed on the dashboard and parcel shelf e.g. a baseball cap, tissue box, hard hat etc. Camera Specs: Image Sensor 1/3" Colour Resolution 600 TVL Lens Type 3.7mm Board Min. Illumination 0.00019 Lux Night Mode Recorder Specs: RCA input: 2 video RCA output 1 video Frame rate: 25fps (PAL) / 30fps (NTSC) Resolution: 720 x 576 (D1) / 360 x 288 (QVGA) Compression format: M-JPEG & Standard JPEG Power supply: DC 12V Control buttons: On/Off, ?, ?, ?, ?, OK/Menu, Playback, Switching, Preview, Rec. Colour: Black Housing: Aluminium DVR size: 108x102x27mm