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The very latest in  home and office security - this unit is a fully functional AC Plug Adapter and connects to a WiFi network for example your home, office etc (via the FREE online setup) and whenever it detects any sound , the audio is recorded and then automatically uploaded directly to the cloud.  Audio files have  time and date stamp for evidence, and no batteries or recharging is required.  No matter where you are in the world, you can simply login to your Google Drive account and access the recorded audio file/s.

The AC Plug Adapter will operate indefinately providing power is connected.  Know who entered your property whilst you are away.  Know of unauthorised access to your room, or caravan, holiday home, or hotel room.  Obtain audio evidence of care workers verbally abusing your elderly family members, or obtain audio of an on-going dispute to prove your side of events.  The AC Plug is a powerful concept born from the frustration of limited security and an ineffectiveness to provide sufficient evidence for investigative matters.


A one-time setup process is made incredibly easy by following the online step-by-step guide.  Once the AC Plug Adapter is connected to a WiFi network simply login to your Google Drive account to see audio files being automatically uploaded when sound is detected.  


The AC Plug provides extremely long term audio surveillance of your home / business premises as long as it is connected to a working power supply.  The AC Plug can also be used as normal which provides convenience and usabilty to this fantastic product.


You do not need to keep returning to the AC Plug to obtain the audio files, its as easy as checking your Google Drive account no matter where in the world you are.  Audio files are stored in chronological order for easy navigation and accompanied with a time and date stamp for each recording.  Download the important audio file/s to your computer for safe keeping and delete any other files to free up memory space of your Drive account.

This product is available as a working AC Plug Adapter, Socket Lead and can be produced in other items upon request.

The AC Plug Adapter WiFi Voice Activated Recorder is a groundbreaking new product, very easy to setup and allows WiFi audio monitoring of your premises day and night.