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Blackberry charger Gsm Bug



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This is the ultimate in covert room surveillance. Not to be confused with cheap import copies. Under close examination it looks like an ordinary Blackberry charger but conceals a hidden GSM spy bug. It simply plugs in to the mains and connects to your phone for charging at any time. The spy bug will be active with or without the phone. You then call the device using a telephone from anywhere you like and it will automatically activate the bug allowing you to hear all conversations up to 40 feet away from the device with crystal clarity. This is the latest model with special high gain pre-amp for excellent sound quality. It can also accept any sim card in any country and the device is supplied with a standard UK sim card but you can change the supplied sim for a different one. This device can be used in voice activated mode also. Simply send a text to the spy phone and it will call you when it hears any sound. By sending different text, it will revert back to normal mode operation where you call the device. It can be used to work indefinitely and charge the phone as well. This charger will work with all types of Blackberry phone that uses the plug as shown in the diagram above. Please note that some O2 sim cards cannot be used with this item.