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Miniature GSM Listening Device GSM3000D



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Listen to a Conversation from Anywhere in the World! Now smaller than ever the new GSM 3000D packs the latest GSM listening technology into a tiny package measuring just 63 x 41 x 21 mm. Simply Insert a SIM Card and call the number from any phone to hear exactly what is going on in your absence with amazing clarity. The GSM 3000D can be concealed in a home, office or car and works anywhere there is a mobile phone signal. Thanks to an ultra efficient design one charge lasts up to 10 days standby and 8 hours listening time. For long-term use the GSM 3000D can be permanently connected to any mains power supply. UK customers can Track its location at any time via the internet making it a compact dual purpose surveillance device. Supplied with mains charger and protective carry case. This is the ultimate listening device! Unlimited Range. Measures just 63 x 41 x 21mm. Call from any Phone and Listen immediately. Exceptional Sound Quality (10m pickup). Quad Band Technology for Worldwide Use.