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Total Infinity Call/Room Monitor



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The GSM total spy is a full remote room and telephone surveillance package in one box, measuring only 62 x4 0 x 20 mm it is ideal to conceal within many items around the home or office. The microphone is highly sensitive and pick up sounds clearly up to 15 metre radius. When you need to listen in simply dial the number of the SIM and within few seconds you will be able to listen in to the surounding area it can also be set to voice activation mode so when it hears a sound after 10 seconds, it will send you a text message and immediately call your number. When you answer your phone, you can then decide if you wish to listen in or end the call. You can do the same with the plug in external IR sensor, shock monitoring or telephone detection. This module can be configured by simple SMS commands and you can add up to 3 recipients who will be alerted by SMS. The whole kit comes as 1x gsm module, 1x external microphone, 1x IR body sensor, 1x telephone line connection cable, 1x rechargeable LI-ION battery, 1x power supply/charger. Please note you must have credit on your SIM for the module to send any SMS or call you. Key Features: A) Voice activated monitoring, when it detects voice the module will send SMS and call you. You can turn voice command on or off through SMS. B) IR body sensor (external alarm) monitoring, when the external body sensor detects anyone, the module will send SMS and call you. You turn external IR on or off through SMS. C) Shock monitoring, the module will send SMS and call you when the internal shock sensor detects vibration/shock. You can turn internal shock active monitoring on or off through SMS. D) Telephone detection, when your landline makes or receives a call, the module will send SMS and call you enabling you to listen in on all incoming and outgoing calls in real time. E) Turn all modes (voice command, external IR, internal shock active monitoring, telephone detection on or off through SMS. Specifications: *Network: GSM 900/1800/1900. *Power consumption: 36 hours standby/2.5 hours sending. *Battery: Built in 3.7Vdc at 580ma. *Dimension: 62x40x20 mm (including internal LI battery).