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USB Car Charger Bug



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This vehicle listening device is the ultimate spy bug listening device for cars & vans, for covert vehicle surveillance. This unit  looks like an ordinary USB car charger but conceals a hidden GSM spy bug. You simply plug into the car cigarette lighter (12v power socket) and it is ready to go.Unlike cheap imports this is a fully working charger. This exclusive USB car charger does not just charge your mobile phone , the unit  has a GSM spy bug listening device built into the charger. You also have the same clear sound as other GSM listening devices in our extensive range. You simply ring the device whenever you want to listen to the sounds within the vehicle. This unit is VOX operated to so you can set it to call you whenever someone talks in the car.
You can hear this GSM spy device from anywhere in the world. When you call the mobile number, this device will auto answer. You can hear talking and sounds you are listening for when you call into the sim card that is pre installed for you. Useful at for leaving in the vehicle for your protection. Because the device has a built-in integrated battery it can work independently to. Great for home or office use to.