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This is the latest version of this popular device. With this cutting edge technology and a easy-to-use functions, the iPhone Data Recovery device is ideal for private investigators, suspicious partners, and anyone who wishes to retrieve a hidden or deleted item(s) from an iPhone® for whatever reason. Please Note, if the device you wish to retrieve the data from has a PIN lock, you will require the PIN in order to perform the recovery. The SmartPhone Data Recovery is a new product designed to recover deleted items from an Apple iPhone this is a software based solution which runs directly from a USB flash drive, which will help you recover deleted data as well as other data from your Apple iPhone. Simply connect the iPhone® to a Windows based PC with the cable included in the DVD case and then connect the SmartPhone Data Recovery device to the same PC through a USB port. The data can be recovered from the iPhone directly or from a backup file using iTunes®. All versions of iPhone® OS will be supported from iPhone® v1 - v4. Specs: • Software runs directly from the flash drive. No need to install to your PC. • Retrieve data from iPhone® including • SMS/Text Messages - Perhaps the most important place to find evidence of misbehaviour, text messages reveal a lot about a person. • Contacts • Call History - Finding call history for a cell phone user is nearly impossible any more. The iRecovery Stick can show you who your partner is calling. • Graphics/Photos • Internet History - Now, you can find out where they’ve been online, even when they’re surfing with their iPhone. • Map History • Calendar Items • Phone Properties including model number, serial number, and iOS version • Search Text - If you know a name or a phone number that you are looking for on the iPhone, perform a simple search and you’ll know if it’s there • Notes Recover deleted data from iPhone® including • SMS/Text Messages • Contacts • Call History • Calendar Items Option to recover from a backup file created by iTunes® or directly from the iPhone® (direct method requires iPhone® to be connected to your PC via the supplied data transfer cable) With the SmartPhone Recovery plugged in, the software will automatically detect your iPhone® and connect to it. Make a backup of your SMS Messages, Call History, internet bookmarks, web history information from your iPhone® using “Export to Excel” function. The I recovery pro is supported on the following platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (Product has been tested with the latest update / service pack of the above operating systems