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Professional Voice Changer



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Voice changing system. Previously the only professional types of voice changer available were bulky and only designed to us on standard landline telephones. The Professional Voice Changer is as lightweight but robust device that is small enough to carry in the pocket, ready to use wherever you need it. The excellent device uses a standard 3.5mm 4 pole connection jack plug, a format which is standard no pretty much every mobile phone available today and many older mobile handsets as well. Once plugged into the audio port of the phone, the unit is used as the handset instead. The voice changer is very simple to activate. There are two voice changing modes with high pitch and low pitch settings that will allow the user the best disguise that suits their voice. Changing the pitch of the users voice will disguise the caller’s identity during the phone call. There is nothing to stop the mode being switched during the call, which could potentially be employed to give the impression that there is more than one person involved in the call conversation. There is an LED indicator on the unit displaying the selected mode so the user knows at all times the level of the voice disguise. Not to be confused with cheap imitations this unit is at the high end of cutting edge technology.