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Directional Zoom microphone



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Plug in the headphones to the high gain amplifier and zoom into those distant sounds, this small hand held unit is discrete to use yet gives superb results. FEATURES: This microphones is for Super-directive use with high sensitivity and extreme low noise. It can pick up clearly and naturally the objective sound even in noisy environment of both short and long distance. The distance adjustment is switchable. This microphone is designed primarily for operational efficiency and well suited to outdoor sport broadcast, stage, video and movie. ZOOM MODE: Beams in to pinpoint the source you wish to record. Excludes background and side noise interference. NORMAL MODE: Wide angle coverage, the high frequency response of 50-18,000 Hz, and high sensitivity extends the range and greatly enhances the sound quality. The zoom microphone is plugged into the supplied top quality high gain amplifier A recording socket is fitted to enable recordings to be made when listening.