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Mains Extention Recorder



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This mains-powered 4-Way Multi-Plug Extension Lead Voice Recorder is part of the latest generation of covert voice recording solutions on offer from Manchester Surveillnace Co. It is the perfect discreet audio recording device for home or office Although this product looks like a completely normal 4-Gang extension lead, in fact it conceals a very high quality recording system that is very simple to use and extremely discreet. The incorporated SD memory recording system is powered from the mains power connection and all four mains sockets can be used to power devices in the normal manner. This product can only be used when plugged into a mains power outlet. There are no really obvious external signs that this extension lead is anything unusual. This is because the recording system is hidden completely out of sight and can only be accessed by unscrewing the back of the extension lead to reveal it The system is automatically set to voice activation mode and the microphone has an excellent sensitivity, giving around a 7 metre radius audio pick up of normal speech. The recording system gives no indication either visually or audibly that recording is taking place and is therefore completely discreet. The recording capacity of this system is dependent upon the size of the micro SD card that is inserted within. As standard the unit is supplied with a 2GB card, although the size can be upgraded up to a 32GB capacity if required (see options drop-down menu). When listening back to recordings, the micro SD card in the unit will need to be removed and placed in an SD card reader (most modern computers have an SD card reader built in). Recordings can be played back on the connected computer. It is a good idea to ensure that the computer has a good set of speakers for ease of listening. Features: Discreet recording solution for home or office Fully functional 4-Way Mains Extension Lead Can be used as a working lead plugged into a mains source Recording time only limited by the size of micro SD card that you choose Internal micro SD card recording system - maximum 32GB card Supplied as standard with 2GB micro SD Card micro SD card upgrade can be selected from drop-down menu Sound activated recording system for intelligent operation Audio pick up range for normal speech of approx.7 metres radius Effective and very simple to use