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Powerbank Voice Recoder



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The powerbank voice recorder is the ideal unit when you need a long recording time from a recorder that can not be hidden.This fully  functional power bank charger is just the job, although it looks and operates just  like any other power bank used to charge your smartphone it has a cleverly concealed audio recorder built in.

You can  leave it laying around and no one will not arouse suspicion that it is recording every word in perfect clarity.The built-in voice recorder has a fantastic standby time of up to 150 days and the internal memory can store up to 288 hrs of recordings on its built-in memory, it achieves the  exceptional standby time by utilising the SVOS system (super voice operated recording system) which pauses the recording when no sound is detected, then restarts again when sound is detected, the activation level of this can be set at  5 different levels.