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Recording Mains Socket



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STEALTH VOICE RECORDING MAINS SOCKET This clever unit is a fully functioning mains double outlet with a total covert voice recording capability. Although this looks like any normal mains wall socket it actually conceals a very high quality recording system that will pick up crystal clear recordings within 10 metres without being noticed.. There is a USB connecter out of sight on the bottom edge of the socket , to charge all you have to do is connect the charger in there and plug in to the mains socket itself to charge up the Li- rechargeable battery inside that lasts approx 8 hours when fully charged. This USB connecter is also used to download your saved recordings to a laptop or PC. The recordings can be played using media player. The stealth voice recording socket comes with mains charger, USB cable, pin to switch on and off the recording function. Some features are listed below: 1) 2 way switched mains socket 2) Battery: built-in 120mah Li-battery 3) Charge time: About 1 hour 4) PC interface: USB2.0 5) System requirement: Windows 98SE or above 6) Recording format: WAV 7) Total recording storage time: 70 hours 8) Battery life: Approx 8 hours each charge