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Smoke Alarm Recorder



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This smoke alarm casing has a recorder is hidden inside it and is activated by a single button press. Once activated, it records what it hears. This voice activation feature saves memory and battery life and also means you don't have long blank pauses to listen through. Once recording is activated, the batteries will power it for about 8 hours of recording - this excludes periods where there is no sound to record. This package contains: •Smoke Alarm voice activated recorder •2GB micro SD card with adapter •Instructions Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (not supplied). Recordings are saved to a micro SD card. This has several advantages. You choose memory size by selecting the size of micro SD you record onto - you can record about 18 hours of conversation for every 1 gigabyte (1GB) of memory on your micro SD card. You may use a micro SD card of up to 32GB in size. Another advantage of using a memory card is that you can have more than one memory card - this means that you may remove one memory card to listen to later whilst putting another in your recorder so that its still ready to record. To playback your recordings, simply remove the micro SD card from your recorder and insert it into your computer. In case your computer doesn't have a slot for a micro SD card, we provide an adapter to make it up to standard SD size - if your computer doesn't have a standard SD card slot then you will need to have a micro SD card USB adapter, these are available in Digital Spy Recorder section of this website. Once you have the memory card in your computer you may use your file manager to save the recordings to your computer, email them, burn them onto a fact anything that you can do with regular computer files. You play the recordings using whatever media player you regularly use on your computer - if you are unsure just try double clicking the file to see which application it plays through. Media players may be downloaded for free.