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Wall Box Recorder



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This unit is a double electric box with blanking plate, a familiar sight in many homes, offices, shops and garages. This one, though, contains our powerful voice activated recorder and a massive 3 x c size battery compartment. These batteries will power the recorder for months. Its impossible to tell from the outside that the box has been modified, there is just a tiny hole underneath it for the microphone to pick up sound. It has powerful audio pick up capability and records only when it hears something – this voice activation feature saves memory and battery life and also means you don’t have long blank pauses to listen through. As its powered by 3x C size batteries it benefits from incredibly long battery life. Recordings are played back through your computer with no software required and may be transferred with a single click to your computer’s memory for safe keeping. Memory size may be increased up to 32GB simply by changing the micro SD memory card. Powered by 3 x C size batteries (not supplied). Please note that there is no mains electricity involved in this product and we do not supply wall fixings (screws/glue/sticky pads etc).