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The GSM transmitter is a unique technology. This unit enables you to listen from an unlimited range around the world. This technology has rapidly developed allowing for small and powerful listening devices to enable you to listen to the target area from many miles away.The new generation of infinity transmitter measure just 63 x 41 x 21 mm. Simply Insert a SIM Card and call the number from any phone to hear exactly what is going on in your absence with amazing clarity. The unit can be concealed in a home, office or car and works anywhere there is a mobile phone signal. Thanks to an ultra efficient design one charge lasts up to 10 days standby and 8 hours listening time. For long-term use the transmitter can be permanently connected to any mains power supply. These state of the art listening devices developed by Manchester Surveillance Company are the ultimate in remote audio surveillance, some not much bigger than a cigarette packet these infinity transmitters can easily be hidden in any room office vehicle or even on a boat. Once it has been placed in position just simply dial its SIM card number from any telephone in the world and you will instantly hear all the conversations in the area. Operation is totally silent, there are no clicks or bangs! they are the best selling product on the market for long range audio surveillance Our Design engineer team is able to custom make GSM transmitters in many disguises for special use. Please contact our office and we can handle your requirement in a discreet and confidential manner. For example we have hidden within a fully functioning Clock Radio a highly sophisticated GSM transmitter along with an extremely powerful Knowles microphone, which will allow you to listen in to a whispered conversation up to 4 meters away. We can also build a mains adaptor or 6 way gang.