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Nokia 6320i Classic Spy Phone with Text forwarding



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This is a brand new, boxed phone with spy software that will allow you to listen in around the Spy Phone user and receive copies of their text messages. Here is how you use the Spy Phone: Give the phone to the person you wish to spy on. When they have the phone switched on, but are not on a call, you can dial in and listen to what is going on around the person you gave it to. So, if they are in a cafe with the phone in front of them, you will hear their conversation. The Spy Phone will also send you a copy of all text messages the person you gave the phone to sends or receives. The phone is brand new, unlocked to any network and is in its original box with all accessories and original instructions. Suitable for use anywhere in the world. You do not need access to the SIM card that is to be used by the person carrying the Spy Phone. In fact, even if they change the SIM from time to time it doesn't matter - and the Spy Phone will let you know by text message that the SIM has been changed and what the number of the new SIM is. This will not enable you to listen in to phone calls made on the Spy Phone (such software rarely works due to network restrictions). The Spy Phone is easy to set up and use and Spy Phone instructions are included.