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Mini GPS Logger



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A Superb mini GPS Logger perfect for keeping track on your staff, spouse or children.Attach this tracker to a vehicle, and when you recover it you can see every journey that the vehicle has made in detail. A comprehensive, easy to use tracker ideal for the newcomer to tracking who needs ACCURATE answers FAST. The Miniature Magnetic Logger is a small, pocket sized device that receives signals from the twenty-four satellites orbiting the earth. The internal computer accurately determines the location of the device within 2.5 meters and records this data every second. With this data and the included tracking software, you can accurately determine where a person travelled, the fastest speed they reached, where they stopped and for how long. The recorded data is displayed through Google Earth (free to download). The Miniature Magnetic Logger is powered by just 2 AAA batteries and can be placed inside, outside and even underneath the vehicle. The strong magnet mount allows for instant deployment. The Miniature Magnetic Logger is also water resistant. Simply put, it is an extremely affordable GPS vehicle tracking system that records driving information. Miniature size makes it very easy to hide No installation required Strong magnet mount Links through powerful software to satellite imagery with map overlay to show the routes driven Completely self contained unit, internal antenna Water Resistant Built-In Motion Detector Powered by 2 AAA Batteries which will last for up to two weeks with average driving Records 100 hours of driving data Unit pauses when car is not in motion Custom reports show locations driven, mileage, top speed and stops in date and day order Please note that the software will work on PC's/Laptops but NOT on MAC computers