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Bluetooth Speaker with Built in Wi-Fi Camera



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A revolutionary new security CCTV surveillance product in bluetooth speaker with built-in 1080p wi-fi hidden IP camera recorder. Invisible hidden camera is impossible to see with naked eye. You can't get any more wireless than this bluetooth speaker wi-fi spy camera. Powered by battery and works without any wires or plug and operates 4-12 hours. Supplied with USB charger plug to power from mains and operate indefinitely 24/7. Features include night vision, motion detection, audio, built in DVR that supports 128GB memory. Quick and easy connection via your smartphone/tablet using P2P wi-fi connection up to 30 metres. Can also be set to work via wireless wi-fi internet router and once you set the camera/speaker can be watched from anywhere globally.

You will be able to remotely view real time video and audio from any smartphone. You can also watch the content later storing recordings onto microSD memory card. Setting camera for motion detection only records when movement is detected by camera. Exclusive LookCam app allows you to connect seamlessly in just a few seconds, and you can watch the content saved on the SD card right on the app remotely. For further security, passwords can be set to only those with the information can view the camera.