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Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece



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The invisible earpiece will let you listen to anything in private. Just push the earpiece into your ear and plug the loopset into the earphone out of host device and wear the loopset around your neck under clothing. The invisible earpiece will now pick up audio from the loopset making it completely invisible. We can also make the loopset to work on hansfree socket of most mobile phones so you can communicate both way without anyone realising. We can also supply invisible earpiece with a bluetooth instead of loopset. The bluetooth can easily be paired with your phone and has a loop that you wear around your neck under clothing. All supplied in presentation box complete with batteries. Specifications: Size of invisible earpiece: 3x5x7mm. Receiving distance between earpiece and loopset/blutooth: 50-70 cm. Battery life for invisible earpiece: About 5 hrs. Battery: Standard Zinc-Air 337 Audio bandwith: From 300 Hz to 4 Khz. Distortion: <2% Size of bluetooth: 70x25x15mm Battery: Standard AAA