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Spy Stick Deluxe Spy Stick Deluxe
Price: £ 145.00
Blackberry Curve 8520 SpyPhone Blackberry Curve 8520 SpyPhone
Price: £ 295.00
2 way Adapter Recorder 2 way Adapter Recorder
Price: £ 225.00
Secure Nokia Phones Secure Nokia Phones
Price: £ 2600.00
Tele Recorder Tele Recorder
Price: £ 59.00
The PRO5000D Professional Pocket Bug Detector5 The PRO5000D Professional Pocket Bug Detector5
Price: £ 515.00
Pro Listen Through The Wall Device Pro Listen Through The Wall Device
Price: £ 175.00
Worlds Smallest GSM Listening Device Worlds Smallest GSM Listening Device
Price: £ 575.00
Table Lamp camera/DVR Table Lamp camera/DVR
Price: £ 280.00
Clock camera and recorder Clock camera and recorder
Price: £ 135.00
Calculator Voice Activated Spy Recorder Calculator Voice Activated Spy Recorder
Price: £ 120.00
Windows Password Breaker Windows Password Breaker
Price: £ 175.00
Air freshener Camera Recorder Air freshener Camera Recorder
Price: £ 135.00
Professional Tracker Professional Tracker
Price: £ 475.00
Porn Detection Stick Porn Detection Stick
Price: £ 89.00
Hi Res Camera Recorder Hi Res Camera Recorder
Price: £ 105.00
GSM Double Mains Socket GSM Double Mains Socket
Price: £ 195.00
GSM Infinity Wall Clock GSM Infinity Wall Clock
Price: £ 325.00
Digital Telephone Recorder Digital Telephone Recorder
Price: £ 179.00
Clock Radio Bug Clock Radio Bug
Price: £ 95.00
Pro 7000FXD Pro 7000FXD
Price: £ 1055.00
Mains Charger Camera With DVR Mains Charger Camera With DVR
Price: £ 235.00
Wireless Spy Camera Scanner Wireless Spy Camera Scanner
Price: £ 349.00
Mobile Phone Camera Recorder Mobile Phone Camera Recorder
Price: £ 225.00
Blackberry charger Gsm Bug Blackberry charger Gsm Bug
Price: £ 175.00
Semen Home Test Kit Semen Home Test Kit
Price: £ 65.00


Spy Equipment spy shop for the latest in covert cameras and audio spy equipment gear.

Spy equipment devices with cutting edge technology. We supply spy gadgets from spy cameras to trackers, spy phones and audio listening devices to debugging sweepers. We can custom make spy equipment to suit your requirements as we specialise in building spy cameras or bugging devices into everyday innocent items that can be deployed in the workplace or home. Whatever your reason for visiting our store, you can be rest assured that we are dedicated to providing you with state of the art solutions for all your surveillance needs.

Spy Equipment by Manchester Surveillance Company.  One of the UK's leading manufacturers & suppliers of  spy shop equipment and spy gadgets including covert video, telephone and audio spy surveillance equipment. Our vast spy equipment and spy surveillance devices catalogue  has products ranging from miniature room and telephone transmitters, vehicle trackers to professional bug detectors, miniature body worn video recorders, telephone recorders and much, much more .We sell a wide range of professional surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment designed for any situation. You can order either by telephone or if you choose to order on line you can pay by credit/debit card and PayPal using our secure encrypted server. We can express ship your spy equipment worldwide in discreet packaging (often delivered the next day) within the UK.

We offer a comprehensive online spy shop catalogue of high quality spy equipment and have a well-stocked surveillance and spy equipment spy shop. If you are looking for spy equipment and can not find what you need on our web site please feel free to email or telephone us, one of the UK's leading surveillance spy equipment shops

Call us at:
Tel: 0161 798 5510
Outside U.K: +44 161-798 5510

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The amazing little device is a professional high end bug designed for use in vehicles. It is powere
This latest addition to our recorders is the ultimate in long term hidden recording devices. The fu
The invisible earpiece will let you listen to anything in private. Just push the earpiece into your
The newest addition to our covert camera range this air freshener contains a hidden WIFI camera that
Secure Nokia .Our Secure Nokia phones ensure your privacy during the conversation with another user
This Android Ghost is the very latest in spy phone software that enables remote monitoring all acti
Android Phone Data Recovery With this cutting edge technology and a easy-to-use functions,the An
This unique and high quality PIR case contains neatly our unique 3G camera unit. Install this unit o
The MPD300x is designed to detect and locate transmissions from cellular mobile phone based device
The latest addition to our covert camera range. This excellent stylish and attractive table top mirr
Mini Voice Activated Recorder. Incidents occur unexpectedly - be prepared to record them. One
This excellent new device is a forensic tool designed to bypass the Windows account password. This h
Not to be confused with cheap imports this unit is a uk built high spec GSM room bug. Even under clo
The GSM total spy is a full remote room and telephone surveillance package in one box, measuring onl
GSM Bug with built in LI Battery This amazing miniature bug measuring only 40 x 30 x 12 mm can be
This superb unit is probably one of the worlds finest miniature fast deployment GPS trackers. As the
This excellent device is a fully functioning computer mouse with a GSM audio bug discreetly built i
The superb voice recorder keychain is very easy to operate with straight forward one touch recordin
These superb mains powered double adaptors are now available with optional sound / voice activation
Plug in the headphones to the high gain amplifier and zoom into those distant sounds, this small han
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